Chapter 19.2


What is Charter School Enrollment by School District?

While our first Daily Data covering charter school tuition costs summarized charter school average daily membership, today we provide further detail into the distribution of charter enrollment by school district.
As illustrated last week, approximately 135,000 students enrolled in one of the 177 charter schools across the state during the 2015-16 school year. During that year, the charter school with the largest enrollment had slightly less than 9,800 students while the smallest charter school enrolled fewer than 50 students.
The number and relative magnitude of enrollment in charter schools varies across school districts. While some districts have students enrolled in a charter school that is less than 2% of their district enrollment, other school districts have a much larger charter enrollment, as much as of the district’s enrollment.
Since the combination of enrollment by charter school and school district can be complex, we developed an interactive map enabling you to explore charter school enrollment by charter school and school district. To better understand how to explore charter enrollment in detail using our maps, you can watch our video tutorial below.

Click on the image link below to view our interactive map illustrating charter enrollment for each school district and charter school in 2015-16. You can use the filters to explore individual and groups of school district/charter school combinations. The pop-up menus for school districts display the number of residents students enrolled in a charter school and that charter enrollment as a percent of the school district's enrollment.