Chapter 2.2


2.2 -What are federal revenues?

While relatively small in terms of the share of total education funding, each year the federal government provides some funding to school districts and other LEAs for certain programs.

Federal funding totaled just about $1.1 billion in 2018-19, with school districts receiving just about $925 million. Federal funding for Pennsylvania schools appears each year in the state budget. The graph below shows the school district federal revenue over time. The spike in federal funding is as a result of funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Some of the largest federal funding line items are IDEA (which is federal special education funding), Title I (which is primarily directed to schools based on their proportions of economically disadvantaged students), Title II (which is focused on professional development), Title III (which is funding for English language learners) and ACCESS (which is Medicaid reimbursement for school-based health services).

Check out the map below to see what your school districts' federal revenue ratios. Our map also includes total federal revenues during the 2018-19 year as well as the total budgeted federal revenues in 2018-19.